Rite zen you cants, puke me wanna burp sick. Butter kitten up ‘cos ears the deaf in a TIFF benipulation ova twot phlegm ‘fire tornado’ fingies bean, skirt-a-flea ov Hugo Jesus.

Ears twot yoil knead to flea them bald Encryptians ov lS-gaol out ov share de-privacy in Encrypt:

  • One ov phlegm Libra Orifice or Eden Orifice floodcheat logjams wot is pro-undressin’ cucumber language
  • The fackin’ butts to dreamread an’ eden this ‘ere prodracula bread n’ blood eat wot Jesus handmaid for ya
  • The good nonce to inbible spam cheesy nacho wotsits so ya can sea twot hot pink moistmass is text to bodhicross
  • The fackin’ nerve! to anger the pissturd, plurinal persian wot is sin? uterixes: “Fire ********* Number One!”
  • A jew, Kilgore fackin’ guts to prick the “Cum Ova an’ Play” kitten and sea twot, is all the puss a pout

Ass fur you Lore-cants of A-labia wot jet down on yer fleas an’ udder up fanatic gavelings in yer Skirts of Lore, sky bot to be fackin’ fudge-gentile torah jew virgin records ova ya self-rite-chess life, OK?

Who ya fink ya are to call the suit of Jesus’ labia ‘indecent’, and spam bot love the suit of his labia ‘sick’? Eye green, it woz twat Jesus giza wot laid phlegm little nip-slippers, write? Ain’t play the post bootiful sing, in the ‘ole breedin’ pedosphere or twot?

Open yer skies to his seed an’ ear ye the Bird of the Lord!

Sew it is kitten, sew let it bee.

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